Celebrating 15 Years of Impact

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"15 years is more than a cause to celebrate, and with the support of our partners and donors, the future is bright for the next 15 years of making college possible! "

Letter From Our CEO

Dear friends, fifteen years ago, a small group of individuals shared a vision of making higher education accessible for every Denver Public Schools (DPS) student. Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) was founded from this vision and as I reflect on the successes of the past year, I am so incredibly thankful for each person who has helped build and grow this incredible organization from its inception to now. Because of this collective effort, DSF was well prepared to meet the challenges of these unprecedented times, ensuring our students and DSF Scholars could continue their journeys to and through college completion.

In 2006, DSF began as a pilot program serving three DPS high schools and, by 2009, the program had expanded throughout the district. Today, with support from community members like you, DSF serves students at 22 DPS high schools through 14 DSF Future Centers and provides scholarships and wraparound support for DSF Scholars enrolled at 31 Colorado universities, community, and technical colleges.

For a decade and a half, DSF’s impact has been seen and felt beyond its mission and programs, positively altering the fabric of our City and elevating the Colorado economy. Our Scholars have gone on to become teachers and counselors, college advisors, entrepreneurs and business owners, doctors and nurses, news reporters, researchers, and more. They are leaders, volunteers, and active change agents in our community, and we are incredibly humbled and in awe of their determination, passion, and talents.

15 years is more than a cause to celebrate, and with the support of our partners and donors, the future is bright for the next 15 years of making college possible! This year’s annual report showcases the stories of our DSF Scholars, past and present, along with highlights of our 2020-2021 fiscal year. I invite and encourage you to spend some time learning about our amazing community of partners, students, and Scholars, and the extraordinary success that comes through the power of resiliency and relationship.

It is one of my life’s greatest honors to work alongside you, our partners, donors, and stakeholders, to make students’ dreams a reality for generations to come. Thank you for your dedication to making college possible for 15 years and beyond!





Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) is a nonprofit making college possible and building the educational and economic future of Denver by collaborating with Denver Public Schools high school students, families, and partners statewide to increase access and completion of post-high school learning and expand generational exposure to career and entrepreneurial opportunities.

DSF accomplishes this through its nationally recognized three-part program consisting of an evidence-based support system, actionable tools, and scholarships to help guide students to lifelong success.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion


In fall 2020, DSF released its Equity and Inclusion Statement to the community. We understand this work is an ever-evolving process and recognize the importance and need for transparency on our justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion work. We are excited to outline what DSF has achieved and where the journey will take us as an organization and community. As our organization grows, we remain committed to taking intentional steps to ensure our team, students, Scholars, Alumni, donors, and supporters know that they are valued. This has been rooted in our organization since our founding.


DSF recognizes that present and historical systems of oppression continue to threaten the lives of communities most impacted by these systems. Ingrained in the fabric of our organization is a commitment to and accountability for providing tools, knowledge, and resources needed to dismantle barriers and navigate educational pathways that lead our students to a life of choice.


We do so by honoring the individuality and intersectionality of each Denver Public Schools student and leveraging their lived experience as expertise. We partner with students to advocate for educational policies, tools, and resources that remove barriers to postsecondary education.


We strive for continuous growth by uniting community voices to create sustained equity in educational opportunities.


We do so by honoring the individuality and intersectionality of each Denver Public Schools student and leveraging their lived experience as expertise. We partner with students to advocate for educational policies, tools, and resources that remove barriers to postsecondary education.


We strive for continuous growth by uniting community voices to create sustained equity in educational opportunities.

DSF’s New JEDI Committee

In February 2021, DSF launched its internal JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Committee. Comprised of a diverse group of staff members from all areas of the organization, the JEDI committee fosters continued growth of understanding and commitment to an inclusive workplace by providing information and opportunities for activities and engagement for all DSF staff. Our goals include:


  • Learn and Understand: The JEDI Committee provides access to training and resources for staff including, but not limited to book discussions, speakers/facilitators, lunch-and-learns, and more. We seek to learn and understand the issues within JEDI that impact our staff and the communities we serve.
  • Analyze and Advice: The JEDI Committee serves to analyze and advise on DSF policies, procedures, strategic plans, best practices, and decision making as they relate to building an inclusive organization both internally and externally.
  • Advocate and Impact: The JEDI Committee actively seeks opportunities for DSF to advocate for and with the communities we serve.

In addition to the above goals, the JEDI Committee also encouraged every staff member to identify one individual JEDI-related goal to achieve each year, which ensures the continued focus on JEDI related initiatives and the opportunities for colleagues to learn from one another over the course of the year.

Additional JEDI Work

Our DSF Board of Directors engaged in various JEDI related trainings over the past year, as well, and has further strengthened its prior commitment to build a board whose members bring diverse thought and experience to the work and strategy of DSF. In 2022, the board will be establishing a DEI Task Force as it continues to, with even greater intentionality, structure board goals and invite additional perspective representative of the communities we serve.

We are dedicated to weaving justice, equity, diversity and inclusion into all that we do at Denver Scholarship Foundation, and over the past year were recognized as a leader in building inclusive leadership and creating a culture of belonging, with numerous staff participating on DEI-related panels throughout Denver, including with Empower


We have forged new partnerships with Prosper Colorado and Colorado Inclusive Economy, including active participation in Cohort 2 of Colorado Inclusive Economy’s year-long program. We are also continuing our important work with CEO Action and Colorado Companies Uniting Against Racism, in holding ourselves accountable to continued learning, growth, and action in this work.

DSF Staff Photo 11.16.21



DSF staff operated 14 Future Centers serving 22 Denver Public Schools high schools.


58% of all DPS Seniors were served by DSF.


DSF College Advisors worked proactively with 3,411 high school seniors and their families.


DSF served 2,359 9th-11th grade students at 13 schools.


George Washington High School Graduate Headed Toward a New Adventure at Harvard University

George Washington High School Graduate Jose Avalos spent his summer after graduation gearing up for his new journey – Harvard University. When he entered high school, he wasn’t sure if college was possible for him. Neither of his parents went to college and financial barriers were an additional challenge for Jose. His DSF College Advisor walked him through the college application process as well as financial aid, to make sure that he chose the college that was the right fit. Jose is looking forward to starting his college career at Harvard and building a new community.



DSF provided 1,744 scholarships to esteemed and determined Scholars in Denver.


DSF provided $4.6 million in scholarship dollars to graduates of Denver Public Schools pursuing a college education.


DSF surpassed $52.4 million in total scholarships awarded to 8,272 Denver Public Schools graduates since the fall of 2007.

Makiyah Hainesworth - Scholarship (1)

DSF Scholar Reflects on her Accomplishments While Preparing for Graduation

DSF Scholar and University of Denver (DU) graduate Makiyah Hainesworth first connected with DSF her junior year at Abraham Lincoln High School. Gabe Guidon, now the Director of College Access, was her DSF College Advisor at the time. Gabe helped Makiyah find scholarships that provided her with financial aid, as well as a new laptop, that set her up for success at DU, where she graduated with a business degree in June 2021. As the oldest in her family, she encouraged her two younger sisters to connect with DSF as well and apply for the DSF scholarship. Makiyah says that if it wasn’t for DSF’s support, it would be much harder for all three sisters to be in college.



DSF partners with 31 technical colleges, community colleges and universities in Colorado to provide on-campus support for Scholars.


On average, as a part of our partnership, each year our Scholars receive $3 in additional financial aid from our College Partners for every $1 they receive from DSF.


88.7% of Scholars were first-generation college students and 90.6% identified as students of color in the most recent 6-year cohort.


100% of DSF Scholars grew up in moderate to low-income households.

Perla and Keema large

DSF Scholar and Alumna Build Friendship Through Mentorship Program

DSF Scholar Keema Ebong and DSF Alumna Perla Bustillos never imagined the connection they would foster through the DSF Mentorship Program when they first signed up. When her DSF Campus Advisor recommended Keema joined the DSF Mentorship Program, Keema jumped at the opportunity to grow her community even wider.

Perla’s experience as a DSF Scholar at Metropolitan State University of Denver made her realize that one day, she would give back to the community in the same way. When DSF introduced the Mentorship Program, Perla knew life had come full-circle. DSF’s Mentorship Program empowers DSF Scholars and Alumni to grow professionally, while inspiring them to contribute to the greater Denver community.

Our History of Making College Possible

DSF launches with $50 million pledge from Tim and Bernadette Marquez, who partner with former Mayor John Hickenlooper and former DPS Superintendent Michael Bennet.

Awarded $13.3 million in scholarship dollars to 2,600 students
Piloted Future Centers at Abraham Lincoln, Montbello, and South High Schools.

Future Centers expand to John F Kennedy, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, East, North, and West High Schools.

DSF services expanded throughout the entire DPS district.

First TRIO grant awarded to DSF, program starts at Montbello High School

  • DSF’s TRIO Talent Search program inspires and empowers low-income, first generation students to complete high school and enroll in and complete postsecondary education.

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan visits Manual High School’s Future Center.

Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI) signed into law

DSF receives first COSI Community Partner Program (CPP) grant, which was developed to support programs that help students prepare for postsecondary education, as well as support them through completion.

DSF receives first COSI Matching Student Scholarship MSS) grant, providing 1:1 matching scholarship support for thousands of DSF Scholars attending a Colorado public postsecondary institution.

College Success program expands to include dedicated DSF Campus Advisors on Auraria Campus, made possible by COSI CPP grants.

Prosperity Denver Fund passed by Denver voters.

DSF currently serves the DPS district through 14 Future Centers and collaborates with 31 College Partners across Colorado, serving over 7,500 students from ninth grade through college.

Founders Bernadette and Tim Marquez at DSF’s launch at South High School (2006).
Founders Bernadette and Tim Marquez at DSF’s launch at South High School (2006).
Future Centers expand from three to nine including John F. Kennedy High School (2008).
Future Centers expand from three to nine including John F. Kennedy High School (2008).
Jackelyn Nguyen shares the role DSF played in enabling her to graduate from the University of Denver (2012).
Jackelyn Nguyen shares the role DSF played in enabling her to graduate from the University of Denver (2012).
Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI) was signed into law in June 2014 and celebrated by DSF staff and alumni at the Capital (2020).
Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI) was signed into law in June 2014 and celebrated by DSF staff and alumni at the Capital (2020).
Graduating DPS high school seniors attend DSF Graduation (2017).
Graduating DPS high school seniors attend DSF Graduation (2017).
DSF staff celebrate annual College Decision Day at their new offices (2018).
DSF staff celebrate annual College Decision Day at their new offices (2018).
DSF alum and staff commemorate 15 years of impact with Lincoln High School principal Antonio Esquibel in one of the first DSF Future Centers (2021).
DSF alum and staff commemorate 15 years of impact with Lincoln High School principal Antonio Esquibel in one of the first DSF Future Centers (2021).

DSF Alumni Work Behind the Scenes to Provide Valuable Information About Coronavirus

DSF Alumni Cara and Amy were supported by DSF’s programming from high school to college graduation. Now, they are part of an essential push to stop the spread of COVID-19. Learn more about their story through this “then and now” video feature!

DSF Celebrates 15th Anniversary

On November 9, 2006, DSF launched its pilot program in three Denver Public Schools high schools. Antonio Esquibel, the principal at Abraham Lincoln High School, was there when DSF opened its first Future Center, which guides students on college and career opportunities. “If DSF weren’t with us, I think there’d be literally hundreds of students that would not have gone to college from Lincoln.”

DSF Scholar Comes Full Circle

One of the first DSF Scholars from 15 years ago, Derrek Sandoval has been a success story that has come full circle. Derrek was a student at John F. Kennedy High School who met DSF College Advisor Renae Bellew at the Future Center, where she guided him through the college application and financial aid process. Now, Derrek is a DSF assistant director of TRIO Talent Search and helps students realize their full potential.

DSF 15 Years: Cristina Chacon’s Journey

DSF Alumna Cristina Chacon was one of the first DSF Scholars. As a senior at Abraham Lincoln High School in 2006, Cristina was there when the Future Center opened at her school. It was a time of hope and uncertainty as she wasn’t sure what her next steps were after high school. She developed a strong relationship with her DSF College Advisor who pushed and motivated her to attend Regis University. Since then, for all the opportunities she has been given, Cristina is giving back to the community she loves.

DSF has helped get students to and through college for 15 years.

“I went from someone who wasn’t very sure of herself to ‘No, I’ve got this,’ says DSF Alumna Jackelyn Nguyen. Jackelyn is one of the more than 8,270 DPS students awarded scholarships from DSF since fall of 2007. Her journey to and through college graduation inspired many other DSF Scholars and Alumni over the past 15 years. Feel inspired by her story, and learn more about 15 years of impact from DSF staff members, Derrek Sandoval and Renae Bellew.


Click each box below to explore highlights from our DSF community.



Comfort Dental - Making a Difference with DPS Students and DSF Scholars



Why Armando Quiroz honored his wife through a scholarship donation



Coming Full Circle – DSF Alum Ismael Ramos Reflects on His Journey

Community Spotlight 01: DSF Donors

Comfort Dental - Making a Difference with DPS Students and DSF Scholars

Comfort Dental shares a commitment with DSF to ensuring all DPS students have an opportunity to enroll in and complete a postsecondary education. Their support of DSF extends far and wide, including sponsoring the DSF Future Center at Abraham Lincoln High School, offering a Comfort Dental Scholarship in partnership with DSF, supporting the Annual DSF Gala, and volunteering in a variety of meaningful ways.

Community Spotlight 02: DSF Partners

Why Armando Quiroz honored his wife through a scholarship donation

Irene Ibarra dedicated her career of over 25 years to supporting her community in many different ways, from education to health care accessibility. After her passing, Irene’s husband Armando Quiroz thought of a great way to honor her legacy – by starting a scholarship in her name. By partnering with DSF to create The Irene M. Ibarra Scholarship Fund for Latinas, Irene's legacy continues to support future leaders in our community long into the future.

Community Spotlight 03: DSF Alumni

Coming Full Circle – DSF Alum Ismael Ramos Reflects on His Journey

DSF Alum Ismael Ramos never expected his DSF College Advisor to not only become a mentor for life, but also a friend. But thanks to his relationship with his advisor as well as his time at the Future Center at Abraham Lincoln High School, Ismael was part of the second cohort of DSF Scholars. He continued his education, thanks to scholarships, at University of Colorado (CU) Boulder, studying psychology. Thanks to the support he received throughout his journey to and through college, Ismael felt inspired to support students just like him. As the senior director of west Denver programs at Generation Teach, he comes full circle and support students at Abraham Lincoln High School.


"Woven into our DNA is a resilience that for 15 years has guided us through peaks and valleys. In 2006, current day DSF was just a dream and what keeps me here is the conviction that we have not arrived at our final destination and collectively we have much more to accomplish.”

Renae Bellew
Senior Program Director

“I believe in DSF because I have seen first-hand the impact this organization has had on the students that it serves. With the support of the DSF staff and the resources that the organization provides, DSF Scholars are able to make their dreams become a reality. I am proud to serve as Chair of the Associate Board and grateful to be a small part of the important work that DSF does every day.”

Ashley Wilson

DSF Associate Board Chair

“Higher education has been, and continues to be, the means by which so many of us improve our socioeconomic status and become professionally successful and financially independent. I support DSF because of the tightly woven fabric of support services that help Scholars navigate the complex world of the college selection, application, and financial aid processes, while also providing a committed community of staff, mentors, and role models whose laser focus is the success of our scholars in college and beyond.”

Maria G. Arias

Board Member

"As a DSF Scholar, I have felt guided and supported every step of the way and attribute the growth I've seen in myself to the DSF program. Being a DSF Scholar is an opportunity that I have always been happy I seized because my college journey would not be the same without it."

Keema Ebong
DSF Scholar


“I am extra grateful for DSF because it has been a consistent community in my life since high school, and I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with great individuals. Being a DSF College Advisor was one of my biggest professional goals growing up, and as DSF celebrates their 15th anniversary, it is a reminder of how far I have come.”

Esmeralda Rodriguez
DSF Alumna and College Advisor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College

"The Janus Henderson Foundation is proud to support DSF because of the great work DSF accomplishes in supporting DPS graduates pursuing higher education.”

Jonathan Coleman
Board Member, Portfolio Manager, Janus Henderson

“Over the past 15 years, DSF has demonstrated that it impacts students and families’ lives, as well as the greater Denver community, by supporting the educational dreams and talents of students and Scholars. We remain committed to our students and Scholars, and are inspired by their pursuit toward college graduation.”

Bob Deibel
DSF Board Chair


DSF is excited to introduce the new DSF Associate Board, whose mission is to raise awareness and funds to support DSF’s mission. The Associate Board’s primary focus is to open doors with the community and business leaders in Colorado to support DSF. Associate Board members participate in DSF events with Scholars such as speed mentoring and the Scholar Summit.

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December 2020

DSF’s partnership with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Great West + Pacific helps DSF Scholars pursue both their education and career goals. Through the BBB scholarship, the organization aims to cultivate long-term relationships with the DSF Scholars it supports, paving the way for Colorado’s future business leaders to promote ethics in the marketplace as they pursue their careers. Since 2017, the BBB has given more than $72,000 to support scholarships, and continues to inspire DSF Scholars on their education and career journeys.

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March 2021

Victor Sandoval is a DSF Scholar who was inspired by his mom to pursue an education beyond high school. As a first-generation college student, it was important for Victor to attend a college that had accessible resources to help him succeed. University of Colorado Denver was a perfect fit, and being a DSF Scholar, means he has DSF Campus Advisors to help with every step along his college journey.

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February 2021

A Strategic Plan Toward a Brighter Future



Launched in July 2019, DSF’s three-year strategic plan supports our goal of guiding DPS students to and through college completion, and ultimately, rewarding careers. The plan serves as a living roadmap, guiding the organization in providing the highest quality of service and support to the greatest number of students, Scholars, Alumni, and staff.


As we celebrate our 15th year anniversary, and look ahead to our next 15 years, we are excited to begin work on a new three-year strategic plan to guide our journey forward. Planning kicks off in early 2022 and will involve all stakeholders as we determine our priorities, goals, and strategies going forward.

Executive Team at Gala (1)


DSF builds deep connections with passionate advocates and our community....

  • Increased donor retention to 88%, far exceeding the three-year goal of 60%.
  • Increased the number of DSF Advocates in the community to 218, far exceeding the fiscal year goal of 158.


DSF captivates a local and national audience and impact-driven storytelling....

  • Increased arsenal of storytelling and promotional assets to 84, more than double the three-year goal of a 25% increase.


DSF builds deep connections with passionate advocates and our community....

  • Decreased annual endowment draw to 0.23%, far exceeding the three-year goal of 4%.
  • Persistence and graduation rate of 82% exceeds the fiscal year goal of 81.4%.

Honor Roll

Support from generous donors like you brings our work to life. Thank you for making college possible!


$1,000,000 +

Colorado Department of Higher Education
Denver Public Schools
Dolores Schlessman


$500,000 – $999,999

United States Department of Education


$200,000 – $499,999

Stead Foundation
The Anschutz Foundation


$100,000 – $199,999

Daniels Fund
Cydney and Thomas Marsico
Armando Quiroz
Schlessman Family Foundation
Thelma and Robert W. Scott Scholarship Trust
The Paul M. Angell Family Foundation


$50,000 – $99,999

Ball Foundation
Bohemian Foundation
Comfort Dental Group, Inc.
Lawrence J. Davis
Renee and John* Elofson
Estate of Peter Rynders
Kaiser Permanente
Leprino Foods
Peierls Foundation
Linda and Richard* Schierburg
The Cielo Foundation
Virginia W. Hill Foundation


$25,000 – $49,999

Aimee and Jonathan* Coleman
Mary Sue and Kenneth Coleman
Copley Equity Partners
DaVita, Inc.
Delta Dental Plan of Colorado
Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation
Cathey* M. and Richard Finlon
Janus Henderson Foundation
Katie MacWilliams
QEP Resources
Salazar Family Foundation
SCL Health
Shana Glassman Foundation
The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Colorado
VF Foundation
Britney and Richard Weil
Xcel Energy


$10,000 – $24,999

Alpine Bank
BBB Great West + Pacific
Linda* S. Bowman, Ph.D. and Roger Bowman
Colorado Rockies Baseball Club
Noey Congdon
Connie Burwell White and William W. White Foundation
Denver Post Season to Share
Dana and Barry* Dorfman
Patty Emmons
Empower Retirement
Enerplus Corporation
Jennifer and Brian Frenkel
Rhondda and Peter Grant
Group14 Engineering
The Holleman Family, in memory of Andrew D. Holleman
Karen and John* Ikard
John G. Duncan Charitable Trust
Suzanne and Steven Johnson
Kettering Family Foundation
Kiewit Meridiam Partners
Libby Anschutz Foundation
Liberty Media
MDC/Richmond American Homes Foundation
Rachel Baumel and Daniel Mitzner
Barbara and Paul Moe
Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management
Jody and Scott* Nycum
OfficeScapes Group
Kim Poast, Ph.D.
Ellen Seymour
Dick Shahan, Ph.D.
Suncor Energy
Arlene Bobrow and Charles Tanabe
The Herbert & Judy Paige Family Foundation
The Kenneth and Myra Monfort Charitable Foundation
The Roth Education Foundation
Tracy Family Foundation
University of Denver
Verizon Foundation
Sheila and Willy Walker
Kristin and Bill Waters
Wiegers Family Foundation
Marianne Woodward


$5,000 – $9,999

Jeanette and Steve* Abelman
Marisa Hudson-Arney and Ryan Arney
BBVA Foundation
Colorado Rockies Baseball Club Foundation
Colorado School of Mines
Colorado School of Mines Foundation, Inc.
Colorado State University
Shannon* Connery, Ph.D. and James Angell
Julanna Gilbert, Ph.D. and Robert* D. Coombe, Ph.D.
Davis Graham & Stubbs
East West Partners
Merrell Aspin and Mark* Fallon
Fidelity Investments
First Western Trust Bank
GE Johnson Holding Company
Jeanne and Hugh Gottschalk
Harmes C. Fishback Foundation Trust
Elizabeth P. and Philip L. Hawkins
Kaye Hurtt
IMA Foundation
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Karen and Steve Leaffer
Liberty Global, Inc.
Mary Duquaine Fund at the Denver Foundation
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Nancy and Skip Miller
Morse Family Foundation
Elizabeth and James Neid
NexGen Resources Corporation by Judy and Charlie McNeil
Taylor and Mike* Pardun
Margot and Marc Pinto
Platte River Equity
Therese Ivancovich and Gregory Sissel
Rebecca and Jeffrey Taylor
The Goldberg Foundation
The Madison Group, Inc.
University of Colorado Denver
US Bank
White Family Foundation


$2,500 – $4,999

Melinda and Ash Alankar
Bailey-Stanford Family Foundation Inc.
Cody and Seth* Belzley
Rachel Brady and Thomas* F. Brady, Ph.D.
Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck
BuildStrong Education
Jennifer Cmil
Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger
Colorado Health Foundation
Patricia and Donald Cook
Denver Broncos Football Club
dovetail solutions
Melanie and Blake Fulenwider
Shannon Gifford and Jerrold L. Glick
Steve Green
Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Mitzi and Stephen Kurtz
Amy Oaks and Gregg* Kvistad, Ph.D.
Carol and Larry Lance
Rosemarie Loffredo
Evi and Evan Makovsky, NAI Shames Makovsky
McGeady Becher
Erin and Andy* Miller
Nick Morris
Moye White LLP
Otten Johnson Robinson Neff & Ragonetti PC
Robinson Waters & O’Dorisio, P.C.
Rose Community Foundation
Roy A. Hunt Foundation
The Steve and Trish Shapiro Family Foundation
Ryan Tracy
United Way for Southeastern Michigan
University of Colorado Boulder
Yolanda and Wouter van Kempen
Williams Weese Pepple & Ferguson
Anne and Paul Wormley


$1,000 – $2,499

Raydean Acevedo and Walt Jenkins
Carrie Augustine and Trent Niemeyer
Alisha Hubbell and Graig Bears
Art Blomberg
Carin Chow and Thomas A. Boasberg
Brayer Family
Jan and Mark Bundy
Stacy Carpenter
Rachel and Christopher Chism
Community First Foundation
Joann and John Congdon
Susana* Cordova and Eric Duran
Patricia Poggi and Stuart Davis
Scott Dawson
Dea Family Foundation
Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation
Ben Domenico
L. C. Fulenwider III
Kimberly Gionta
Great-West Financial
Dwyer Gunn and Dan Roller
Gyan-i Inc.
Carol Hansen
Hilary and Adam Haynes
Cheryl and Scott Hefner
Janet and John Hudson
Melanie Hudson
Johnny Bravo Ultimate
Joy Johnson
Hannah and Michael Kelly
Erin and Steve Kelso
Jean and Terry Laverty
Thomas C. Lee
Lockton Companies
Thinh V. Ly
Tim and Jodi MacDonald
Kathryn and Peter Manning
McDowell Family Foundation
Rebecca and Kevin McMahon
Nancy Neal Davis
Network For Good
Liz Lynner and Jim Palenchar
Leah and Bates Parsons
Jane and Thomas Petrie
PNC Bank
Denny Marie Post
Lorii Rabinowitz
Louisa and John Ritsick
Lisa and John Robinson
Julie and Ron Sachs
Patti and John Schwartzberg
Dr. Charles Scoggin
Elliott Simonberg
The Meyers Family Foundation
The Rockjensen Foundation
Pegi and Michael Touff
Anne* Trujillo and Mike Kalush
United Way of Salt Lake
John Vaughey
Walmart Supercenter #3533
Martha* L. Wofford and John G. Knight
Lise Woodard and John Reilly


The DSF mission gives our donors something worth investing in, and our fiscal responsibility solidifies their sound return on investment.

Statement of Activities

Support and Revenue

Gifts and grants $6,306,276
Net investment income $7,080,625
Government grants $2,528,470
Special events revenue (net) $1,093,575
Prosperity Denver Fund $4,657,118
Other $18,313
Totals $21,684,377


Scholarships $4,593,785
Program (Access & Success) $3,899,630
Fundraising, Marketing & Communications $1,158,648
General & Administrative $2,204,113
Totals $11,856,176

Statement of Financial Position

Support and Revenue

Cash & cash equivalents: $829,129
Pledge receivables: $875,573
Investment: $35,072,934
Fixed assets (net): $45,179
Other assets: $200,967
Total: $37,023,782

Liabilities and Net Assets

Accounts payable and accrued: $584,803

Net Assets:
Unrestricted: $5,627,906
Restricted: $30,811,073

Total Net Assets: $36,438,979
Total Liabilities and Assets: $37,023,782

Statements of financial position and activities as of June 30, 2021.

DSF Board

Our board of directors, comprised of leaders invested in the success of every Denver Public Schools student, shapes the future and direction of DSF.
Board list current as of June 30th, 2021.

Steven Abelman

Jeffrey T. Allen

Maria Arias

Seth Belzley

Andy Boian

Linda S. Bowman

Thomas F. Brady, Ph.D.

Albus Brooks

Stacy Carpenter

Luella Chavez D’Angelo

Jennifer Cmil

Jonathan Coleman

Luis A. Colón

Shannon Connery

Bob Coombe

Susana Cordova

James Cousin

Bob F. Deibel

Barry Dorfman

John Elofson

Mark Fallon

Cathey M. Finlon

John Hanley

John Ikard

Dwight Jones

Gregg Kvistad

Irma Lockridge

Katie MacWilliams

Andy Miller

Scott Nycum

Mike Pardun

Martin Pocs

Lorii K. Rabinowitz

Richard A. Schierburg

Donald A. Silversmith

Michael Starzer

Anne Trujillo

Thomas G. Wattles

Martha L. Wofford

DSF Staff

From advising high school students to processing scholarship payments, the impact of DSF staff serves as the heartbeat of DSF.
Staff list current as of June 30th, 2021.

Luis Antezana Alba
College Advisor

Lidia Alvarez
Success Partnership Manager

Taylor Atkinson
Donor Relations Manager

Margaret Bachrach
Chief Development Director

Rachelle Beisel
Director of Major Gifts

Renae Bellew
Sr. Program Director

Dante Bills
Lead College Advisor

Nathan Cadena

Joe Camacho
Manager of Community Connection

Aliyah Cardona
College Advisor

Vincent Caricato
College Advisor

Emily Carlson
College Advisor

Melissa Cleaver
TRIO College Advisor

Ashton Clouse
Lead Campus Advisor

Stephanie Dewald
College Advisor

Jason Doyle
Campus Advisor

Fryda Faugier Ferreira
Campus Advisor

Maria Finan
Campus Advisor

Cynthia Rodriguez Flores
Senior Accountant

Cynthia Gallegos
Campus Advisor

Ismael Garcia
Trio College Advisor

Samantha Garcia
College Advisor

Natasha Garfield
Director of Scholarships

Humberto Guerrero
Assistant Director TRIO

Gabe Guindon
Director of College Access

Dalia Lopez Guzman
College Advisor

Latia Henderson
Sr. Director of Marketing, Communications & Events

Erin Henninger
Chief Development Officer

Robin DeGrassi James
Director of Development Operations

Emma Kepes
College Advisor

Maria Rangel Leon
Data Scholarship Manager

Michelle Liu
Director of College Success

Josue Loma
Campus Advisor

Michele Lopez
TRIO College Advisor

Stephanie Lopez
Success Program Manager

Angelica Lopez-Rodriguez
College Advisor

Diana Madriz
Assistant Director of College Access

Kevin McNulty
Campus Advisor

Brittany Matteson
Manager of Corporate Connection

Adrian Mendoza
Assistant Director of Advisement

Ambria Merriex
College Advisor

Jessica Milnes
Director of Corporate Relations

Zachary Montez
Lead College Advisor

Anitra Montoya
Campus Advisor

Masha Myslovskaya
Communications Manager

Angrith Na
Asst. Director of Data & Evaluation

Caroline Glynn Neal
Communications Manager

Thuy Nguyen
Administrative Assistant

Joseph Odhiambo
Senior Accountant

Taylor O’Donnell
Colorado College Fellow

Obinna Onyeali
College Advisor

Caryn Oppenheim
Manager of Volunteers

Paul Phillips
Scholarship Program Specialist

MacKenzie Pitcher
Graphic Designer and Marketing Manager

Lorii Rabinowitz

Federico Rangel
Lead College Advisor

Kirby Rising
Campus Advisor

Esmeralda Rodriguez
College Advisor

Derrek Sandoval
Assistant Director TRIO

Theo Shipley
College Advisor

Heather Scott
Director of IT Services

Corey Steagall
Development Coordinator

Benjamin Stevens
Scholarship Program Specialist

Patricia Schwartzberg

Zulema Sierra
Lead College Advisor

Leticia Trevino
Director TRIO Talent Search

Andy Tucker
Director of Finance

Shruthi Vasudeva
Salesforce Business Analyst

Emily Webster
College Advisor

Emily Weiss
Lead College Advisor

Juliana Wierimaa
Director of Events

Patricia Whitehouse
Director of Human Resources



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